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Episcopal Cjurch


Thank you for visiting our website!


We are a small Episcopal church nestled in the woods near Indian River, Michigan. We are a church family of all ages though most of our parishioners are older. Most of our church family did not come from an Episcopal background, but they were looking for a warm and welcoming congregation who were dedicated to helping others and growing in the teachings of Jesus.


We hope you take the time to browse our site and learn more about  us. 

All are welcome!


Our sanctuary is open now for Sunday services. Our service starts at 10:00 am and all are welcome. 


The Rev. La Rae Rutenbar and Rev. Patrick Shawn Finn are currently

our regular Supply Priests on Sunday mornings.

We try to live stream on Facebook on our Facebook page.

Masks are optional.


​We are in the process of finding a new Rector for our church. Information for the Search can be found under "Search" on this website. 



Many of our activities and ministries have been effected by COVID. Currently there is no Sunday School.

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Find us!

Come visit our little church in the woods! We can't wait to meet you.

// Click here to learn more about us.

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