We're looking

for our next Rector.

We are a church in "transition" meaning we are in the process of discerning our next Rector - the priest and pastor of this congregation.

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What we're seeking:

Over the past few years, Transfiguration has been blessed with ongoing growth and development.


Our goal over the last three years has been to provide guidance and care for our aging congregation and at the same time, develop a healthy atmosphere and program to attract families. BEfore Covid-19 we offered Sunday School for the children each week and ongoing adult education classes. Our Mission and Outreach programs are important to us, and they have included reaching as far as the Dominican Republic and Columbia and concentrating on the needs close to home: monthly Senior Lunch, school scholarships, personal needs closet and summer camp are examples.

Our parish is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds who share their many talents with our congregation. We are seeking an open-minded Rector, with a sense of humor, that can sustain and be inspired by our diversity, while preaching with a clear and relevant Gospel message. Most importantly, our new Rector will be a spiritual guide for our families as we traverse through life. 

We are looking for a Full Time Rector, preferably, or a part time Rector, depending on how we can blend our needs and theirs. We are searching for the unique combination in a Rector that understands the importance of pastoral care, community outreach programs and attracting families to our church. We are hoping to find a godly individual who wants to be part of our church family and who emulates the Bible's teachings by tying the gospel into an everyday living experience.