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Learn more about Transfiguration.

Transfiguration Episcopal Church is an open and welcoming congregation nestled in the woods of Indian River. 

We love our community and strive to serve it through our many outreach ministries.

What sets Transfiguration Apart?

There are many wonderful churches in our area, all having something worthwhile to offer. As a congregation, we believe there are three characteristics that set Transfiguration apart -

  • We're receptive!

The friendliness and genuine warmth extended to all newcomers is intrinsic with our values as followers of Christ. After visiting our church, most visitors mention the genuine acceptance afforded to them from our congregation.

  • We are doers!

God has blessed us all in many ways. We believe that using our gifts to help our community is not only self-gratifying but is our call as Christians in the world. From our monthly Senior Lunch to our community Star Program, helping others in our community is a benchmark of Transfiguration. If you are inclined to volunteer for any of our worthwhile endeavors, we welcome your support with open arms. 

  • We are a congregation of friends and believers!

As you join our congregation, you will find that the spirit of one for all and all for one is the signature cornerstone of our beautiful church in the woods. We are all friends as well as a congregation of believers.

Our History

Transfiguration Episcopal Church began its life as a Mission Church sponsored by St. James’ Episcopal Church in Cheboygan, MI.


The Episcopal Church of Indian River held its first services in 1958 in a specifically designed trailer in downtown Indian River. Over the next several years the church raised funds to purchase the present property and erect a building that was architecturally in harmony with its natural surroundings. The summer and winter congregations were taken into consideration when addressing the versatility of the structure.


The first service in the new church was celebrated on July 2nd, 1967. The church was granted status as a parish in 1975 and was officially named "Transfiguration Episcopal Church."

Special Support in our Church

 We have a wonderful Supply Priests who makes sure we have an ordained priest every other Sunday. Twice a month we have a visiting Priest or our Deacon leads us in Morning Prayer. Rev. La Rae Rutenbar is actively involved with supporting us as we adapt to the church needs of today.

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Our Deacon John Wallace is very important to us. He leads us in Morning Prayer when we do not have a supply priest and brings a steady hand and faith to our spiritual life.

A Deacon’s Ministry is varied and personal. They are called upon to be out in the community and to represent Christ to those they come in contact with. They, in turn, bring the concerns of the community into the church and affect change within the Christian communities they serve.

Outside our church, Deacon John is a Healthcare Chaplain in the community and Chaplain for the Sheriff’s Department. He also serves as a County Commissioner.​Deacon John Wallace brings a special ministry to our church.


Elinore Barney is a Chaplain, a preacher and has completed her seminary training. Her experience as a founder of three Montessori schools and her outreach in the community has provided much guidance for our church.


Mary Smith is our “jack of all trades.” She is our church administrator, our organist and music director and a bright light with many of the answers.

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